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We offer the largest selection of high quality, durable plastic lenses. Our glasses are available in different ways. You can order them individually or in a gift box. The glasses are literally unbreakable and last a very long time due to the excellent quality. Our high-quality plastic glasses can hardly be distinguished from real glass.

Convince yourself of the plastic champagne glasses or the plastic cocktail glasses.

Are you organizing a party or event or do you only need glasses for home use? Then our plastic glasses are ideal. Our plastic glasses are also reusable many times, which ensures that we reduce the "mountain of plastic waste". We have done our best so that you can organize all the glasses on the website as clearly as possible. We have done this to make it as easy as possible for you to choose your favorite plastic glasses. Do you have any questions? Then of course we are always there for you!

We have done our best for you to organize all glasses as clearly as possible on the website. We have done this to make the choice of your favorite plastic glasses as easy as possible for you. If you still have questions about this? Then of course we are always there for you!

Origin of Mydrinkglass

In 2020, the idea arose for us to bring the plastic glasses to your home as well. If we want to reduce the 'plastic waste mountain', we must focus not only on the festival, event and hospitality sectors, but also on private individuals.

Our range is specified in plastic drinking glasses that are popular within Europe. You can come to us for many different types of high-quality plastic glasses: plastic beer glasses, plastic wine glasses, plastic soda glasses, plastic champagne glasses, plastic cocktail glasses, plastic tumblers, plastic pitchers & plastic shot glasses are examples of this. And all these plastic glasses are also of the highest quality!

Future of Mydrinkglass

At the moment we already offer the largest range in durable high-quality plastic glasses. Yet every year our range gets bigger and bigger. This is because from the outside there is an increasing demand for different types of drinking glasses. We would like to respond to this and therefore strive to keep our largest range!

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